Welcome to Anderegg Psychology

Sometimes we face challenges that are difficult to master by ourselves. you in these phases and support you with our expertise.

Our area of expertise is Clinical Psychology, particularly in the fields of couples’ relationships, parenthood and stress. We closely collaborate with experts of other fields to ensure a sustainable and holistic solution.

Questions and Answers

Who is paying for the sessions?

Please contact your health insurance prior the treatment to ask if they pay for treatments done by Psychologin FSP or Eidgenössisch anerkannte Psychotherapeutin (on the Santé Suisse liste). Couple counselling sessions are not covered by any health insurance in Switzerland.


What does a treatment look like?

The first meeting is about getting to know each other and you describing your overall situation. Based on your description and additional questionnaires, we set goals and plan the next steps. In addition, you get some exercises to enhance implementation to daily life.


Do I really need treatment?

Discussions with an external person can help to disentangle different aspects of a situation. Acceptance of this form of support can be as seen personal strength. Feel free to book a first session to gain some clarity about if a coaching or individual counselling would be helpful to you.